Top Five Wedding Entertainment Trends That Are Going To Be Hot Next Year

Brides-to-be take note
In the modern era of Facebook, Instagram feeds, and Pinterest there’s never been more pressure when planning a wedding. For your day to stand out you need to look ahead, and that’s where wedding trends come in rather useful. with the new wedding season fast approaching, what hot entertainment trends do we expect to see showcased at wedding fairs all over Ireland.

1 Silent Discos

We have all been to a college party or festival with a silent disco it’s essentially two or three channels of music playing through wireless headphones.guests can swap channels and dance along to whatever song they prefer whilst the music is silent for anyone who’s not wearing headphones. Silent discos get a 5-star novelty rating because as soon as guests put on the headphones they automatically exaggerate dance moves creating an electric atmosphere on the dance floor

Added benefits

-the party can go on later in certain venues the music has to stop at a certain time due to noise restrictions. with a silent disco problem solved

– with two or three choices of music, you can cater to a wider audience at the same time

2 DJ and sax

This trend has arrived via the Ibiza clubbing scene the Saxophone is the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of music, from Motown, funk and soul, right through to club classics and current house. Having the combination of an energetic saxophone player and quality professional DJ is the best way to guarantee all your guests will join you on the dance floor, making it a night to remember for everyone.

3 giant party games

There are many ways to keep guests entertained during a wedding reception. But what better way than playing games that bring back their youth. Wedding reception games make it easier to break the ice and get the crowd to mingle. Ready to channel your inner child? Let the games begin! From Jenga to connect four or even twister

Adding a little hands-on action This is a great idea and also a great way to keep the kids entertained.

4 entertainment mid-meal / between meal and music

This can range from comedians, magicians, singing waiters or even an interactive quiz about the bride and groom. Couples are always looking to make their day stand out from every other wedding and this is a great way to differentiate. Also at some weddings there can be a long stretch between the meal and the evening music. More and more couples are seeing the need to have their guests entertained at every point throughout the day. Top tip-always consult with the wedding planner as to the timing as you don’t want to disrupt your meal service

Benefits – a great transition between meal and music

5 All Things 90’s

Just because the 90’s are over, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live a 90’s life now. The average age in Ireland to get married last year was 35 for man and 34 for women. This being said much of newlyweds youth was spent in the 90’s chilling watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or saved by the bell or listening to now that’s what I call music 18 through to now 44 on cassette or dancing with your friends to the sound of backstreet boys or the spice girls. Moving on to 2019 Bringing the 90’s to your wedding can be as bold as what kind of outfits you have, as fun as your wedding favors- disposable cameras is a great example and what better way to catch all the moments that might have been missed otherwise, what better way to bring back a guests youth than a 90’s retro candy bar at your reception or as simple as talking to your professional DJ beforehand and designing the most awesome totally banging 90’s playlist ever. in fact, why not go a step further and have the 90’s themed rave with glow sticks slap on wristbands u.v face paint and u.v lighting. Given that the 90’s were such a BIG time for weddings (think Runaway Bride, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Singer, and all the other wedding-themed movies of the era), so there’s no shortage of inspiration. 

Worthwhile Mentions-

Selfie Stations

The evolution of photography/video has come a long way from one man stationary in the corner to multiple cameras, dynamic shoots end even drones but one add-on most weddings over the last few years always seem to have is a fun spin on wedding photos, ie photobooth selfie mirror and now selfie station.

A Selfie station is great if you are in a small intimate venue, where with a large photo booth it can take up a lot of room and time to set up Also with most newer selfie stations, you can share instantly to multiple social media outlets, perfect for family and friend who couldn’t make your big day to see. And finally, selfie stations are better for group photos, with a booth you can fit 2-3 people in comfortably with a station you can take larger group photos

Wedding Monograms –

Not really entertainment but worth a mention. How many weddings in 2018 had love letters or Mr and Mrs sign well if you are looking for something different for your big day how about having your very own wedding monogram.

Monograms create a focal point in the room with an elaborate design bearing your names/initials/wedding date or opt for a simple design that pulls together your theme.


Top Tip-


Overall the wedding sector is booming at the minute and this is great for future brides and grooms because there is more choice than ever at a better standard than ever seen before but with more available, ie photobooths, up-lighting, candy carts casino booths, chocolate fountains, love letters …… etc (the list is endless) my top tip is – it’s  important to pick only a few that you feel will highlight your wedding as if you pick too many it can soon become very tacky.


Top tip when dealing with suppliers always get a contract. Its there to protect your rights as a client and it’s a good way to judge how committed to you as a client the supplier is,

The contract is their written guarantee that they will be there on the biggest day of your life,

No contract – no guarantee!!