Kilkenny Wedding DJ – Eoghan O’Sullivan

Kilkenny Wedding DJ Eoghan O’Sullivan has been entertaining crowds for over 15 years. Originally from Limerick and now based in Kilkenny, Eoghan has established himself as one of the most sought-after Wedding DJs in Ireland.

Being a DJ was a natural progression for Eoghan, as he grew up in a household filled with music. His father has been a DJ since 1978 and this sparked Eoghan’s love for entertaining. He started off his career as a party DJ and honed his craft by attaining vast musical knowledge, reading the crowd, and knowing the right tracks to play at the right time. He then went on to be a resident DJ in clubs and bars in Cork, Limerick, Killarney, and now in Kilkenny. In the last ten years he has shifted focus and has become one of Ireland’s most in demand Wedding DJs. 

One thing Eoghan offers is specific insight into American/Irish and American weddings. Being married to his American wife, he is not only attended weddings in America; he has DJ’d some there as well! People from all over the world are choosing Ireland as their wedding destination now more than ever. Eoghan knows that specific customs and songs can be very important to wedding parties on the special day. He works with couples beforehand to make sure anything special can be highlighted and celebrated for their families and friends. Couples that want their cultures and customs proudly displayed are in good hands with Eoghan as their DJ.

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The most popular DJ package Eoghan specialises in is Full Night Wedding DJ; this takes care of all your entertainment needs after your meal from the first dance all the way up until closing time. More couples are opting for this package; especially for more intimate weddings or where couples really want to work with Eoghan to build a bespoke setlist for their special night.

Eoghan also works alongside Irelands best Wedding Bands to provide an after-band DJ service. He always arrives early and is setup at the same time as the band to ensure a seamless flow of entertainment. He likes to listen to the band and take note of what they play to ensure no duplication of tracks. He loves to come on after the band and raise the energy of night with a unique set that changes for each wedding to suit the crowd.

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To find out what is best for your wedding, Eoghan will connect with you in any way you feel most comfortable. This can be by email, phone, or even a Skype/Zoom meeting to discuss all specifics and must-haves. Every wedding is different and getting it personalised to each couple is what drives Eoghan. 

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Kilkenny Wedding DJ Eoghan is somewhat of an audiophile and he prides himself on investing in the latest and best equipment available to ensure his clients always get the best. He values his reputation within the industry and works as a sole operator; when you book Eoghan for your date that is the only booking he takes. While there may be a lot of decisions and questions about your wedding, you can rest assured that you will be getting the highest quality sound from a professional DJ when you hire Eoghan. Get ready to have the most memorable night of your life! 



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