Guide to finding the Perfect Wedding DJ

The question is:

  1. Do you want an average DJ to do an average job?


  1. Do you want a Top DJ who knows what you want, does an awesome job and creates the perfect party you desire?

You’d be surprised how many people actually answer yes to question 1, but, and it’s a big but, then regret their decision. You are not going to get married again (hopefully ), so you have only 1 chance to get this right. 

Don’t automatically go with someone you know, a cousin, a friend or acquaintance. Let their qualifications be the determining factor. Will they issue you with a contract? Is their equipment up to standard? Are they comfortable in a wedding setting? Just because they did a great job in the local pub with a couple of pints in them doesn’t make them qualified for the most special day of your life. You want a professional DJ.

Ask for referrals. The friend or cousins wedding which was great. Ask them for their DJ’s name. Check out Facebook and Instagram and see the videos they’ve posted, the reviews they’ve gotten. 

A very important part about choosing your DJ is knowing exactly what you want. What music you love and want on the day. Has he experience playing this genre? Some people love Rap, Hip Hop or even Metal. Has your DJ experience with these types of music? Will your DJ know what song to play to get people on the floor and more importantly, keep them on the floor. 

What age group are your guests going to be. Can your DJ cater for older and younger guests? Will he interact with the guests or just mix music. Some couples only want a DJ who mixes club style and doesn’t talk but if you want your DJ to interact and talk make sure your DJ knows this, has experience doing this and is comfortable doing this. 

Create a list of the DJs you are interested in getting to know and getting a quote from. 

Contact all the DJs on your list. Even if you have a great conversation with the first one, still contact the rest. They may offer something different that you didn’t even think about. 

Once you send your initial email, how did your DJ reply? Was it a simple one line message telling you what they are charging or were they actually interested in you and your day? 

When you have gotten your replies and quotes, again don’t automatically go for the cheapest one. The DJ charging more is doing so for a reason. Have they more experience? Are they in higher demand? If so, they can command a higher fee. 

MAKE THE CALL…. Contact your short list of DJs and ring them. Even Zoom with them. How do they sound on the phone? Are they friendly? Do they understand what you want for your day? Are they invested in offering you the best service they can? You can learn so much more from a simple phone call than 100 emails would ever do. 

You will know, after you’ve called your list of DJs, which one is right for you and will give you the perfect party for your wedding.  

A great wedding DJ is worth their weight in gold and it’s important to choose value over cost. Don’t ruin a great wedding with a bad DJ.

Author: Paul Prenderville

Limerick Wedding DJ Paul Prenderville is based in Limerick, Paul is one of the most sought after DJs in Munster. Regularly playing at weddings in Clare, Kerry and Cork also. With over 15 years’ experience in the Wedding DJ industry,Paul knows exactly what it takes to make your night a huge success and one you’ll never forget. 

To find out more about Limerick Wedding DJ Paul you can enquire through the members page here on the Wedding DJ Association. Also see below a list of links to Paul’s website as well as his social media: